As much as we all love working, retiring from the working world is an inevitability at some point for all of us.

Once upon a time people had relatively short retirements, whereby on average a retirement may have only lasted a few years, which made it much easier to plan for.

With average lifespans now being substantially longer, consideration to the type of Lifestyle you require in retirement is essential.

For example, if you retired at 60 and lived to 100, that’s 40 years of life / lifestyle to fund for – which could potentially be longer than your entire working life…..

Carefully defining your Future Perfect will help us put in place the steps required to ensure you achieve the retirement you desire.

Many people will leave their pensions to run and often without professional advice which could mean you may not be getting the best out of your pensions. Here at Portsdown Wealth Management we can help you to understand your retirement planning actions, so that you know it is working well for you.

We have been helping our customers plan for their retirements for many years with lots of customers that are happy with the service we provide. So why not get in touch today on 01227 206 213 to book your initial consultation.