Protecting yourself against unforeseen circumstances is an essential part of the financial planning process. Financial Protection makes it possible to protect your family but ultimately also Your Plan, safeguarding achieving your Future Perfect.

Whether you wish to protect you and your family against death, developing a critical illness or your ability to earn an income, protection forms the foundation to safeguard all other advice & planning (i.e. Your Plan).

You may be thinking of mortgage protection, life assurance or even income protection, but protection planning is about making sure you and your family are ready for any unforeseeable circumstances that may arise now or in the future.

Protection planning provides you with security to protect the ones you love. Here at Portsdown Wealth Management we are passionate about making sure your safety net is optimum for your circumstances and you understand exactly what is in place, why and is jargon free.

If protecting yourself, your family and Your Plan is important to you, get in touch today on 01227 206 213.